I often think "I should blog more" and then never do anything about it.

I've tried a few times, but in a marvelous effort to create a nice, clean blog, I kind of forgot about usability for myself.

My last blog, which has gone from Wordpress to Squarespace and then to Statamic, is a bit of a mess if I can be honest. When I was moving off Squarespace due to the amount of bugs the editor had[1], I was looking for something that could do portable editing. A blog system where I could write on the go, piece my thoughts together, and then publish them separately. Wordpress couldn't cater to that, and as nice as Ghost looked at the time, it wasn't ready yet.

I eventually settled on Statamic, but to post something I have to run some arcane command-line commands to publish with git or rsync or something else that can transfer a raw file to a directory on a Linux server. That's typically not a step you want in a standard edit-review-publish workflow.

Ghost is now looking quite nice and mature, and I really can't be bothered bringing all my random old posts across from Statamic to Ghost, so I'm declaring this a fresh start on a new host.

So welcome to my new blog, one that hopefully this time I won't abandon.[2]

If you catch me leaving this blog idle, or want me to discus something specific (likely that I'm ranting about on [Twitter][1]), just tell me.

  1. To be fair to the Squarespace team, this was about three years ago. ↩︎

  2. This is probably the first time I've written a first-post that is not titled "Hello, World!".
    [1]: https://twitter.com/yaakov_h ↩︎