Making Sense of WireGuard

I recently decided to try out the hot new VPN protocol on the block, WireGuard. It took me about 2 hours of debugging and diagnostics to make sense of things, so I'm logging my notes here for future reference.

Building Docker containers behind a proxy

How do you configure Docker to use a proxy when building a container, but not when running it?

Controlling a Kubernetes cluster remotely

I didn't set up Kubernetes exactly as I intended to use it, so here's how I recreated the SSL certificates.

Kubernetes: Getting Pods to talk to the Internet, not systemd

Systemd plays havoc with Kubernetes defaults and kills DNS. Here's how to fix that.

Learning Kubernetes at Home: Becoming the Helmsman

In this post, I try to setup a Kubernetes cluster and make sense of the basic types of objects that Kubernetes revolves around.

mDNS Name Resolution in Linux

Bonjour is really useful on Windows and macOS. It turns out that you can also use it on Linux!

The Changing World of .NET

.NET today is no longer a walled-off Microsoft-only environment. This post explores how it has evolved and how you can evolve your software with it.

Configuring Wi-Fi on Raspbian (Jessie)

All the online tutorials I read were wrong. Here's what worked for me.
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