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Configuring Wi-Fi on Raspbian (Jessie)

If you Google, DuckDuckGo. or even Bing how to set up Wi-Fi on Raspbian CLI, there are a bunch of guides I've found while trying to solve the same problem. Unfortunately, most of them are wrong. As of writing this I've just spent about half an hour running through a few of them, and they either have…

NFS on Raspbian (Jessie) at boot

To automatically connect to a NFS share when booting: Add a line for your NFS share to /etc/fstab. For me, I'm connecting to my NAS named Scarif, on a share named PiData, and mounting it to /mnt/pidata. scarif.local:/volume1/PiData /mnt/pidata nfs The fstab line is in three parts: What to mount - i…

Setting a proxy for Aptitude (on Windows)

In Windows, almost everything inherits the "Internet Explorer" proxy settings. I was somewhat surprised when the Linux Subsystem for Windows (beta) did not. For most Linux applications, you can set a proxy by setting the environment variable HTTP_PROXY, e.g. $ HTTP_PROXY=http://my.proxy.se…