Self-Hosted Git and CI/CD for fun (and profit?)

When I first got into running my own servers, I liked to host just about anything I could (and would actually use), which became a bit of a pain as you have to manage the operating system, system libraries, various software runtimes, create /etc/init.d scripts, assemble your own

Debugging Third-Party Code in Visual Studio

This post shows how you can debug code that you didn't write and don't have the source code for.

Forging a COVID-19 vaccination certificate is child's play

Anti-vaxxers are a pretty determined bunch, and without even basic technological protections in our proof-of-vaccination records, our Government is about to let them run wild.

Speeding up some very slow .NET builds

What do you do when upgrading Windows makes your code compile a lot slower? This, of course.

Dates are an utter nightmare and YYYY is worse than I thought

Every year we get told that 'YYYY' in date formats is bad. But why? And just how bad is it? (Spoiler: very.)

Pokémon Mythbusters: Continuity across Unova

I found a rumour on Reddit about a particular game continuity feature between Pokémon Black and White, and their sequels, Black 2 and White 2. But is it true?

The Notepad Logger: Window Messaging

In this post, I go deeper into the world's strangest logging implementation, and make it work with Notepad++ and Notepad2.

Building a custom Notepad logger for ASP.NET Core

In this post, I take possibly the world's strangest logging implementation, and rewrite it for .NET Core.
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