Running Swift on a Nintendo DS

I came across a way for Swift code to compile for GameBoy Advance and decided to try it on real Nintendo hardware.

Replacing Kubernetes with systemd

In this post I go through the journey of overusing Kubernetes and how systemd can actually do most of what I use it for.

This Blog Post Was Written And Published On An Airplane

This blog post was written and published from my mobile phone whilst on an airplane at 21,500 feet above sea level (and climbing). The future is now, thanks to science! - Clemont, Pokémon X&Y

Bringing Pokémon from 2002 into 2023

To migrate Pokémon from the 3rd-gen games all the way to Home is possible, but for how much longer? I did it while I still could, here's how.

Choosing your own MAC Address

A MAC address is burned into a device by the manufacturer, and manufacturers are allocated vendor IDs (the first 3 bytes of a MAC address). One of these is Microsoft Hyper-V, which owns all of the 00:15:5D:XX:XX:XX addresses. This led to an interesting problem...

The Hour-Long SQL Query, 2023 Edition

In 2015 I found an odd performance issue in the SQL libraries for .NET Framework. Has anything changed in the last 7 years?

Something I Learned Recently: WebFinger

Recently I was looking into the structure of Mastodon and "Fediverse" federated communications, and came across a newer standard called WebFinger. This seems to be a HTTP-based evolution of the good old 'finger' command.

Installing Two-Way Radios in my Car

When I got my amateur radio license (a.k.a HAM radio) almost two years ago, I wanted to have a radio in the car. It could be a useful tool in emergencies, when out on the highway (particularly in convoy with another vehicle), it's been handy just
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