Accessing COM ports from a web page?!?!!

Did you know that you can control serial COM ports from a web page? Me neither. Here's what I've learned about it.

ZIP64 - Go Big Or Go Home

How does a ZIP file work? And how do you make really, really, _really_ big ones? Read this post to find out.

Pausing Packer's PowerShell Processes

When using Packer to build virtual machines, sometimes I just want to pause it and poke around. Here's how I achieve that.

Using and Extending GitHub Actions

I got into the GitHub Actions beta! Here's what I've learned so far.

Automatically generating assembly binding redirects

If you're sick of System.IO.FileLoadExceptions, you've come to the right place!

Setting a Default InputFormatter in ASP.NET Core

In ASP.NET Core, you can write custom formatters to serialize or deserialize objects from/into request bodies. But how do you pick one without a Content-Type?

The Changing World of .NET

.NET today is no longer a walled-off Microsoft-only environment. This post explores how it has evolved and how you can evolve your software with it.

HTTP/2 Header Casing

Do you think all HTTP headers are Train-Cased-Like-This? If so, you're in for a surprise.
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